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Talking Occupy Oakland, Banned by Disney, Touring with the Dropkick Murphys, Wedgewood, and sleeping in Walmart parking lots with Arena.com 

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Occupied Nation - Interview

The set was a virtual marathon, a two-hour epic slugfest that spanned McPherson’s career. While there was plenty of banter to go around — the socially conscious, politically firebrand music and the camaraderie were the focal point, particularly as McPherson made repeat visits to the venue floor to join the troops, rather than merely to rally them on.
— Jason Stone , Dying Scene
There’s rarely a division between personal and political in his songs. McPherson observes himself and the world around him in one breath, and does so with a powerful, emotive voice and vivid imagery.
— Aaron Carnes, Santa Cruz Good Times
got under every centimeter of our skin with his subjects, his trembling voice and sharp as a whistle solos, interspersed with magic
— Wakesound Mag, Barcelona Spain
We feel the experience
— ATL Paris, France
RAW IN YOUR FACE PERFORMANCE that still sends shivers up my arms and neck.
— Ravenz Punk Pit, Los Angeles
playing to a full room, He is a natural story teller who has found his niche within music, his songs reverberating with revolution, class and economic disparity, social injustices, and a wide variety of political issues
— Colleen O'Neil, St. Louis National Rock Review
Boston-born folk-punk singer Bryan McPherson sings dusty, dirty and downtrodden (and at times, poignantly political) songs about the people living in between the cracks and crevices of the American political landscape
— Willie Clack, Sacramento News & Review
Bryan McPherson took center stage to a sold out crowd in his hometown of Boston with passion and emotion. The crowd’s interaction with Bryan grew as the night went on and responded well singing along, dancing, and raising their fists and pints in the the air.
— Bill Jolliemore, Boston National Rock Review
Fast strumming guitar paired with a whaling tenor voice and harmonica solos laced in proved that McPherson is a formidable one man Irish music army
— Dustyn Alexanderr, NYS Music
Bryan McPherson speaks the truth on Wedgewood
— Marc Lacatell, Glide Magazine
Song from The Moon is a haunting, folk, punk epic
— Scott Heisell, Substream Magazine
This sure as hell isn’t easy listening music. I couldn’t be more excited
— Ali Donahue, Dispatch
both moving and harsh in it’s reality. With compelling lyrics that cut to the bone confronting societal and personal prejudices McPherson offers a glimpse of hope, and the belief that we can rise above it all.
— Our Vinyl
There’s no shame in baring your soul for the pleasant old
folkees who haunt open mic nights at your favorite independent coffee shop. So, no offense to singer/songwriters who present their folk in that genre’s traditional contexts — but, should the opportunity arise, those people should all try playing a club packed with tattooed toughs who’ve just been prompted, by an Agnostic Front side project, to jubilantly punch each other in the face for 40 minutes. The first time he knocked my socks off, Bryan McPherson contended with precisely these conditions
— Barry Thompson, The Boston Phoenix
If all else fails, at least he’ll have a following of aging punk-rockers
— Ken Casey, the Dropkick Murphy's
McPherson doesn’t even attempt to impress with complicated arrangements. Instead, he plays simple chords and treats each note as if it heralds the coming apocalypse. The same goes for his singing, which cuts to the bone with each blood-curdling howl. His uncomplicated lyrics hit like blunt force trauma, serving up equal parts cleverness and pathos.
— Andy Kaufman, Music Connection Magazine
Playing political folk music is obviously reminiscent of icons like Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan, but what distinguishes McPherson from these songwriters is how emotion-centric his music is. His words aren’t just cerebral ponderings about the state of the government. It is one man belting — at the top of his lungs — his honest, emotional impressions of the world
— Aaron Carnes, San Francisco Bay Guardian
Maybe this isn’t the type of disc to throw on at a party, as it might force people to stop partying and start listening
— Mike Loce, The Noise
Bryan McPherson paints his artist class reality with a
detailed honesty usually found in literature. McPherson’s
live performances are even more intense than the tracks
found on his new CD
— The Boston Herald
Full of passion and heart
— Melissa Webster, The Huffington Post
One of the most passionate performers I have ever seen, Bryan McPherson’s fierce vocal growls and hammering guitar strums fit accordingly with his intense lyrics that will resonate with you and cause you to begin to question your ideas of any social, political, and personal lifestyles
— Mutiny on The Microphone