There’s rarely a division between personal and political in his songs. McPherson observes himself and the world around him in one breath, and does so with a powerful, emotive voice and vivid imagery.
— Aaron Carnes, Santa Cruz Good Times
“The set was a virtual marathon, a two-hour epic slugfest that spanned McPherson’s career. While there was plenty of banter to go around — the socially conscious, politically firebrand music and the camaraderie were the focal point, particularly as McPherson made repeat visits to the venue floor to join the troops, rather than merely to rally them on.”
— Dying Scene
Boston-born folk-punk singer Bryan McPherson sings dusty, dirty and downtrodden (and at times, poignantly political) songs about the people living in between the cracks and crevices of the American political landscape
— Willie Clack, Sacramento News & Review
Bryan McPherson paints his artist class reality with a
detailed honesty usually found in literature. McPherson’s
live performances are even more intense than the tracks
found on his new album
— The Boston Herald
Full of passion and heart
— Melissa Webster, The Huffington Post