Violating Community Standards. My Bandcamp Blocked from Facebook and Instagram.

As the noose of social media curls around our collective necks like a big ass snake in the jungle of modern life, I awoke this morning to find my Bandcamp Music page has been blocked by Facebook and Instagram for “violating community standards”. Whats the big deal you say!? Well I only found this out because I was trying to offer a sale of my music, because I am broke AF and when you are broke AF and you are trying to put some stuff out on sale, not being able to share it with folks becomes a bit of a deal, ya dig?

Regardless, I choose this crazy life I live and all of the ups and downs that come with it, but that being said I am actively and from here on out making an effort to drive traffic right here, to MY WEBSITE and I am encouraging those of you who wish to remain in touch about what I do, to sign up for my Mailing List. The more of my audience I can have a relationship with, without the authoritarian Iron Curtain of these social media companies dictating what gets seen and what does not, the better off I for one will be.

Thank you so much for keeping in touch. Tour kicks into high gear Friday. Looking forward to getting back on the road and seeing all of you in the REAL WORLD!

Much love

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