Road Food Review - Los Dos Toritos in Baker California


Deep in the heat of the October California desert lies an oasis of taco, Los Dos Toritos in Baker, California. Baker is a small town outside of the Mojave Desert. I’ve been a few times on the way to or from Las Vegas playing shows. Its a nice spot and gets pretty quiet just outside of town in the vastness of Mojave.

I was a couple of hours into a drive for my gig in Henderson Nevada and I was hungry. I don’t really have a “spot” in this area so I reached out on twitter for some inspiration on what I should eat? I was quickly informed it was “national taco day” - Well there you have it my decision was made. I typed in a quick google map search and found Los Dos Toritos. They are very highly rated and an hour away. I headed on up route 15 and made my way!

Upon entering everything was nice, clean, and pretty standard for a taqueria, but truth be told when I am in the taco zone, I don’t look around too much, only up, at the menu.

I was slightly disappointed that they didn’t have a taco plate to order, I’m on a budget and wanted some rice and beans included, so I ordered 4 tacos, 2 Birria(stewed beef) and 2 Al Pastor(bbq Pork) a la carte and a side of beans. The tacos were 1.99 each and come with chips. BONUS!


All of the salsa is fresh, tasty, flavorful, and colorful! There are cucumbers and fresh radishes, also juicy and delicious. Thats how I like to get my salad -from the salsa bar ;) Mariachi music plays in the background and the staff is friendly and helpful.

I wait.

It's taking a bit longer than I expected BUT that might mean tasty fresh tacos.

I am not dissapointed. The Birria is my first victim. Tender, full of flavor and delicious, topped with a little cilantro, and onions.


Next is the Pastor. Also outstanding. There is come char on the meat and it is also tender and delicious with that little bit of smoke and crispness that comes with cooking on a flame and conttrasts so well with juicy meat.

Next the Beans. Nothing new here, but also just done well. They are fresh and tasty and have some melted cheese. Perfect for dipping my tortilla chips.

After finishing my tacos I decided I did not want National Taco Day to end so I ordered 2 more. Had to try the Carnitas. Also crispy chewy and flavorful. Could not have been more pleased with my meal.

I thanked the staff for their delicious tacos and hit the road. I’m looking forward to my next Vegas show so I can try out some more of their menu! Highly recommend.

Hit them up!

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